Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Studio Closes, Radical Heights Servers Will Remain Open For Now

Boss Key Productions CEO and former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski has announced that the studio is no more, as of today.

In his statement, Bleszinski laments the decision to found Boss Key Productions four years ago, as he set out to make a "world class video game studio" and hired some of the best talent he could find to do so. "I'd like to think we had fun doing it," he said of the experience. Unfortunately, neither Radical Heights or LawBreakers could quite reach the targets laid out for them, as LawBreakers' player counts eventually dwindled down to nothing, and Radical Heights' opening player counts weren't much better than LawBreakers at its peak. 

This news comes a little over five weeks after Boss Key launched Radical Heights out of nowhere back in April. The arrival of Radical Heights came hot on the heels of the studio's announcement that its multiplayer shooter Lawbreakers would no longer be receving active development. As if things weren't already shaky enough, a minor spat between Bleszinkski and Epic Games went public after the Boss Key CEO made some posts on Twitter accusing Epic Games of poaching talent from the Lawbreakers team. Radcial Heights was seen by many as a hail mary by the studio to keep afloat. Whatever numbers it had to hit to keep the lights on were not met and Bleszinksi admitted as much in today's announcement. 

Though this is the end of Bleszinski's adventures with his own company, this may not be the end for him when it comes to the video game industry. He's stated that he'll be taking some time off to spend with family and his loved ones, but hopefully after the break he comes back fully rested, recharged, and ready to kick some more ass. 

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