Fortnite Patch 4.2 Adds Apples, Guns, and Various Fixes

It’s been a big year for Epic Games' Fortnite. Not only does it have to deal with the realities of being the most popular game in the world, it has to do battle with school boards and MLB training staffs. Thankfully, the team at Epic Games has been able to continue work on the game despite all the outside commotion. This week’s patch brings the addition of apples to the royale battlefield. The new apples can be found around the map and will grant players 5 health points. Additionally, new Legendary and Epic Burst Assault Rifles have been added to the loot table.

In an attempt to work on game balancing, the drop rates for grenades have been slightly increased. Remote explosives also see a number of balance changes and adjustments. Both the PC and console versions receive the new Auto-Pickup option. Enabling this setting will let players pick up any weapon or item that they walk over rather than having to manually grab them. We move one step closer to having the game play itself!

For the full patch notes listing and all the information on changes to the Save the Earth mode (you know, the classic Fortnite that many ignore), Epic has a blog post up with the important bits. The new Fortnite update should be ready to roll once today’s patch downtime concludes.

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